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Carlson Gracie Irvine - Nourishing Self Defense Skills for Kids and Women


Carlson Gracie Irvine is Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts Classes in Irvine Ca Grandmaster Carlson Gracie rooted the seed of this academy years ago. From that time to till, this temple of self-defense is accommodating students who came here to learn.


Grandmaster Carlson Gracie wants to spread these self-defense classes to every corner of the world, therefore, had taken numerous revolutionary steps which have filled our heart with proud and respect to this great soul.


He always wanted to spread the extent of martial arts to every edge of the country. Therefore we are following his elite steps. No matter what is the size of your opponent, age, height, gender, and weight, no one has right to make you feel weak.


Every person whether it is the kid, male or female can learn this art. But, it is vital to know that this is not an art to attack other but defend yourselves when you are at the low. With this concept in our head, we have fetched services of world’s famous instructors who had already attained success in this field. Unlike other BJJ Schools, we have designed women and Kids self-defense program in enlisted style

  • Kids program

  • Judo program

  • Beginners program

  • Advanced program


Don’t feel that God was partial in providing you strength; he has given you the Martial Arts School to attain, so join us and strengthen your body as well as your confidence.

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